• Suitable for mild-to-severe hearing loss
  • Available in Receiver-in-ear and Custom model hearing aid styles
  • Equipped with the latest and fastest micro-processing technology, integrated, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, and the Beltone Hear Max app


The Most Complete Hearing Care Solution

Introducing the most complete and finest product in the industry, Beltone Amaze will give you an amazing hearing experience in all situations with a clearer, fuller and richer

Easy to use and offering full Beltone Care service with remote fine-tuning whenever you need it, Beltone Amaze simply cannot be matched and take advantage of the rechargeable battery that will keep you going for a full day on a single charge!

Amazingly Natural Sound

With Beltone Amaze, built on our latest and fastest micro processing technology, you will experience a clearer, fuller and richer sound in any listening situation.

Get ready to feel more action, thrills or adventures when you are watching a movie. And, if you are a music or theater lover, prepare to be amazed by the textured tones that make live performances deeper and more fulfilling.

What makes the sound qality in Beltone Amaze so special? Watch the video to the right and find out.

Easy All-Day Android Streaming Directly to Your Hearing Aids

Being connected to your world and the people you care about just got even easier. Stream calls, your favorite music, and directions directly from the latest Android phones* to your Beltone Amaze hearing aids, using them just like a headset. No intermediate devices or accessories needed.

We have teamed up with Google to develop a new technology that enables you to enjoy Bluetooth Low Energy streaming, preserving the battery life of your hearing aids so you can stream for up to 12 hours. Our new direct Android streaming solution is currently available for the Google Pixel 3 phones*, with more phones will be added soon.

Now is a great time to team up and stream up.

Amazingly Connected

Tap into excellent connectivity for crystal-clear streaming and personalized control. Listen to music or take phone calls directly streamed to your Beltone Amaze hearing aids.

You can easily control your hearing aids remotely with
the Beltone HearMax™ app. With a few simple taps on the screen, you can discreetly adjust programs and the volume on your hearing aids, check battery status, and even change speech focus, all from your smartphone.


Design & Styles

Beltone Amaze is available in four custom and two RIE model styles:

  1. All small and discreet. – RIE models have integrated lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
  2. Custom models have replaceable size 13 batteries with 25% more power efficiency than previous models – making it easier to stream music and other audio.

Beltone Amaze Features

Type of Hearing Loss

Best suitable for the following hearing loss levels Mild-to-severe

Design and Styles

Available styles CIC, ITEITC, MIHRIE with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and RIE with 13 battery
Colors 8 skin and hair tones

Sound Quality

Speech in noise recognition CrossLink Directionality 2 with Personal Sound ID (Advanced)
Spatial Directionality
Wind noise reduction
Background Noise Reduction Sound Cleaner Pro (Advanced)
Automatic Volume Control Smart Gain Pro (Advanced)
Feedback Cancellation Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop (Advanced)
Ear to Ear Synchronization Features and Volume/Program changes (Advanced)
Gradual hearing aid sound adaptation Synchronized Satisfy


Made for iPhone (stream music directly into hearing aids)
Compatible app HearMax app
Beltone Direct Line Wireless Accessories

Additional Features

Build in Tinnitus Breaker
Protection HPF80 NanoBlock


Amazingly Personalized Care

Getting used to your hearing aids can take time, and your hearing needs can change over time. Beltone Remote Care will keep a closer communication between you and your hearing care professional, so your hearing aids can be continuously adjusted to your specific needs. With the help of the free Beltone HearMax app, you can easily send a request to your hearing care practitioner and receive the new settings with a simple tap on your phone, without the need for an office visit.

Beltone Remote Care will save you time and give you confidence that help is just a tap away.

“With Beltone Remote Care I feel like the audiologist is right there for me, I feel like I am always being taken care of.”


Amazingly Rechargeable

Make battery changes a thing of the past. Thanks to the Beltone Amaze integrated lithium-ion battery, you no longer need to replace batteries. And, with the most user-friendly portable charger in the industry, you can charge confidently every day.

Beltone Amaze will last you a long time, up to 30 hours, when fully charged. Recharging is simple – place your hearing aids in the charger overnight and they are ready again in the morning. If you forgot to charge your hearing aids, no worries – in just 30 minutes of charging, Beltone Amaze will be ready to go another 8 hours before the next charge.

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